6 Oct 2017

We visited Chorley Town Cafe for 8G's Community Access on Thursday afternoon. 

We had to choose items from the menu that we had enough money to pay for; then we were putting our "Stranger Danger" work into practice by speaking to the cafe workers to give them our order.

Chips were the popular choice!

Mr Connor and James enjoyed car spotting on the way there and back, and we managed to avoid the rain!

Posted by Miss H Chadwick

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8G Class, 2017-18

Mr Welsh
6 October 2017

Congratulations on your first blog 8G!

I'm really looking forward to hearing about all the fabulous learning you do in class and on your visits.

Happy Blogging!

Steph fogg
6 October 2017

Missing you guys,hope your being good for Miss Chadwick!! ????

Richard field
6 October 2017

James is excellent at spotting cars and also letters and numbers.

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