11 Oct 2017

On Wednesday, 8G got to visit Tesco Horwich store to learn more about healthy eating.

We met Jane our host, who was fantastic and showed us round the store.

We took part in a treasure hunt to find different coloured fruits and vegetables. Then we talked about why fruit and vegetables are good for us, and how we should be eating 5 portions of them every single day.

Next we looked at the sugar. Jane told us about good sugars that you find in foods e.g. in fruit, and bad sugars that you find in sweets and chocolate.

Jane took us on a secret tour around the back of Tesco where we saw where they get deliveries and where they keep all of the different foods.

Some of us went into the huge fridge and freezer to see how cold they were. The verdict was VERY! Jessie said she would live in the freezer.

Finally, we went back upstairs where we tried different fruits, vegetables and some pitta bread with hummus. Jane kindly gave us some goody bags to take home too.

Jane said if any of 8G are shopping in Tesco Horwich, to come and say hello to her on the customer service desk.

Thumbs up from 8G for our visit to Tesco!

Miss Chadwick, Mrs Devlin and Mr Connor

8G Tesco

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8G Class, 2017-18

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