7 Feb 2018

Today Maple Class have been to Farmer Teds. We had a wonderful time! 

When we arrived, a man called Andy greeted us and showed us where we needed to go and gave us a timetable of activities. We started by looking at lots of animals, and thinking what the Cockerel from the story "Cock-a-moo-moo" would say if he saw some of the animals. 

Next, it was time to have a play on the outdoor play area before our tractor ride. When we were on the tractor we enjoyed listening to lots of farm songs such as "Old McDonald" and "I've got a brand new combine harvester" while we looked out of the window to see even more farm animals. The ride was very bumpy but we all did super sitting to keep ourselves safe!

When we got off the tractor, a kind lady asked us if we would like to groom one of the ponies. She was beautiful and we enjoyed brushing her. She was so soft! We talked about what we needed to do once we had touched the pony and we all washed our hands really well so that we could go and have our lunch. 

After lunch, we had a play on the indoor play area. Annie and Miss Miller were really tired after all the exploring so instead of having a play they enjoyed a chat and a brew! We loved watching all the boys and Amelia playing and coming down the slide. 

Before heading back to school we had one more look around the farm. We were so glad we did because half an hour earlier, a new pig had arrived and she had seven tiny piglets with her! The farmer asked us if we had any suggestions for her name - we thought they should call her Maple after our class. We enjoyed watching the pig look after her piglets. She picked up straw with her mouth and covered the piglets to keep them warm. When she got up to go for a drink, we saw how big she was! The farmer told us she was very protective over her piglets so we made sure we weren't too loud and that we kept our hands down. 

Well done Maple Class for another super day out :) 

Farmer Teds (MAPLE)

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Maple Class, 2017-18

Jonathan Shuck
7 February 2018

I just feel like crying because I wish I could go to farms and feed animals for learning.

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