16 Apr 2018

Welcome Back!

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break!

Maple Class have settled back into school well after two weeks off and we are ready to go on some fantasy adventures this half term!


Our topic for both English and Cross Curricular Studies this half term is "Fantasy". We will be focusing on two fantasy stories - "The Dragon Machine" by Helen Ward and "The Signing Mermaid" by Julia Donaldson. We will be using sensory props to explore the stories and then our reading and writing work will be inspired by the adventures the characters go on. We will be retelling the stories using colourful semantics, toys and puppets and we will be producing non-fiction texts such as wanted posters and postcards based on the stories.

Our speaking and listening work this half term will be all about listening and responding appropriately. We will be practicing following and giving clear instructions and we will be practicing using the future and past tense when we are answering questions.

We continue to use the sounds-write programme to develop our phonic skills. Please continue to support your child with this by using their reading books to embed the learning we do during our phonics lessons.


We will continue to use Numicon to develop our number skills and we will be learning all about language related to position, direction and time.


In Science this half term we are learning all about properties of materials. We will learn vocabulary related to different properties such as hard, soft, rough, smooth, cold, and shiny. We will be exploring a range of materials through sensory play and will also be conducting simple experiments to learn all about how properties may change, such as when an ice cube is left in the sun.


We are thinking about changes in living memory this half term during our history lessons. Please support your child by sending in photographs of past events that they can remember such as birthdays, Christmas and holidays so that we can discuss past events in their lives. Photographs can be sent in via the home-school diary or by emailing them to Miss Miller (millerm@astleypark.lancs.sch.uk).

Cross Curricular Studies

The rest of our cross curricular work will link to our English work on fantasy. We will use our music, art and design and computing skills to explore the area further. I can't wait to share some of our creative work with you all!

Religious Education

Miss Troughton will be teaching us RE every Monday morning. We will be learning all about important words and prayer.

Physical Education

We will be learning how to throw underarm, how to catch and how to roll. We are hoping the weather warms up so that we can do some of our work outside!

Maple class are not swimming this half term.


We are learning all about rights and choices this half term. We will be thinking about the choices we make in class and about the importance of sharing and taking turns.


Homework will continue to be updated weekly on a Thursday for those of you who have requested a homework pack. Thank you for supporting your children with this work - the progress they are making is fantastic! 

There will be fortnightly updates to the "My City" section on Education City for fun educational games that link to the work we are doing in school. If you need a reminder of your child's log-in details, please contact Miss Miller.


Remember to keep an eye on the blog and evidence for learning to keep up to date with the fantastic learning going on in Maple Class!

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