28 Sep 2018

Another busy week in 8G



In English this week 8G have continued to learn about newspapers and their features before having a go at writing a report themselves. We started the week off by writing a newspaper report about our weekend. We all remembered to give our newspaper a headline and that it had to be bold and big. After watching the film 'Into the Storm' we then used Purplemash to write a news report about a scene in the film.

 We concluded the week by reading 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' , before creating our own picture which showed it raining our favourite food. 



This week in Mathematics we have moved on to time. Some of us have been ordering events in our own day, whilst some of of have started to measure in seconds and minutes and read time on a digital clock.



In Cross Curricular Studies we had lots of fun melting skittles and crayons to help us with our learning on solids and liquids (please see previous blog), whilst in DT  we have also designed and made our own sandwiches. They were delicious !


Next week look out for....

The Wizard of Oz 

More Time 

The Water Cycle 



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