4 Oct 2018

Another fun and busy week in 8G. Have a look at our gallery.


This week in English we have started to read 'The Wizard of Oz'. We are really enjoying the story and have produced some wonderful writing for our class display. We have used  some adjectives to describe Dorothy, made a missing persons poster and written newspaper articles on an event in the story. We also remembered that a headline does not have a lot of words and when writing a news report we have to answer 'Who', 'What, 'Where' and when questions. Some of us even used our imagination and pretended  to be an eyewitness and incorporated a quote into our newspapers. 

 In phonics some of us have continued to learn , say and write VCC and CVCC words, whilst some of us have been learning about the different ways of making the 'ae' sound.


In Mathematics we have continued to learn about time. Some of us have been able to sort pictures and differentiate activities which happen in the night and the day, whilst some of us have continued to measure in seconds and minutes. We have also had learners reading time on a digital clock at quarter hour intervals. 


In Cross Curricular Studies we have been learning 'The Water Cycle' and have tried really hard to learn the words 'Evaporate', 'Condensation' and 'Precipitation'. We read a story of 'Little Drop' to support our learning and we all know that rain eventually goes back into the sea! We also produced some music to illustrate the story of the Water Cycle and made our own Water Cycles in a bag. We are currently awaiting the results. 

 In PSHCE we have been working on our playing and turn taking skills when playing shop, whilst some of us have had to write lists. We used this to go shopping ASDA and to purchase the ingredients for our bagels. We were very well behaved and were complemented by a member of the public. 

Prior to making our bagels we had to design it , and after making it evaluate it. We had lots of fun both making and eating them.


Next week look out for...

A visit to the Mosque 

A visit to St Mary's Catholic Church 

A visit to the Library 

Sharing our Learning 

More The Wizard of Oz



The Journey of a river 

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