2 Nov 2018

Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a lovely half term. I can't believe how fast it went, and now we are (slowly) approaching Christmas. 

In the meantime please have a look at what 8G will be learning about this half term.



This half term in English 8G will be reading the story "Escape from Pompeii.". This will coincide with our work on "The Rotten Romans." During lessons pupils will have the opportunity to develop their  English skills by writing from the perspective of characters in the story, describing scenes and using drama and roleplay to captivate the emotions of the characters. Pupils will also have the opportunity to incorporate their personalised targets into their work.

 The Non Fiction element will focus on Explanation Texts. During the coming weeks, pupils will become familiar with the features of explanation texts and use their knowledge to write about the following:

"Where was Pompeii ?" "What happened to it during the Roman Times?"

"Why did the Romans conquer Britain?"

"What was a Gladiator?"


In Mathematics we will continue to use Numicon to develop our number skills, with pupils working on their targets. They include building and writing teen numbers, identifying patterns as well as learning about inverse operations. Pupils will also be learning about length, with lots of fun, exciting and practical activities to engage them, as well as statistics. Statistics will coincide with Christmas, with learners collecting and recording data on favourite Christmas songs and foods. 


In Cross Curricular Studies the historical element will focus on "The Rotten Romans." In lessons pupils will learn about what life was like in Ancient Rome and consider the types of food they ate, the clothes they wore, the homes they lived in  and activities they participated in. We will also consider why the Romans invaded Britain and what they left behind. 

The Science element will focus on electricity. We will think about what life was like without electricity, identify different electrical items and consider if they use batteries or mains. 

During our art lessons, pupils will have the opportunity to recreate some Roman artefacts and landmarks including mosaic patterns and the famous Roman Colosseum itself.


This half term pupils will be revisiting the French language and will develop their understanding of the French culture and identify how the French greet each other.

In RE lessons we shall be learning all about William Booth and the work of the Salvation Army. In PSHCE we shall be working on developing our confidence, which shall be addressed in class and when out in the community.

Mr Murphy will be continuing to teach Computing and PE on a Friday afternoon. PE will focus on dance will pupils preparing for the upcoming Christmas Production.



8G will be watching "The Wizard of Oz " at Bolton Octagon Theatre on Wednesday 5th December (More to follow)

An upcoming visit to the Salvation Army Church  and shop.

Alternative visits between the Cafes in Chorley and Library each Friday afternoon (until Christmas.)

Work with Mrs Broughton on The Chorley in Bloom Project every Tuesday afternoon (letters to follow).


Here is to a busy yet successful half term!

Mr Byrom-Jones, Mrs England and Miss Lancaster 

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