8 Nov 2018

Katie from Community Rail Lancashire visited Astley Park School today and met with 10R pupils and staff to discuss the possibility of the class engaging in the ‘Railway Confidence Education Programme’.    In March next year, Katie will return to school in order to finalise the programme … where we will be going and when, what to expect and how to stay safe.  During this session pupils will undertake activities such as planning a timeline for our intended journey, selecting what they might need to take on a normal train journey etc. 

During today’s session pupils expressed a desire to visit Manchester and are keen to see ‘The Original Worker Bee’ sculpture by Jodie Silverman which was created as a prototype sculpture to launch ‘Bee in the City’. Its forever home is now in the city at Manchester’s Central Library.  Katie will be making contact with the ‘Bee in the City’ organisation to see if they are able to do anything with, or for us on the day we visit Manchester.

As a result of today’s visit pupils were keen to find out ‘What’s the buzz with Manchester’s Bees?’   They undertook their own online research and they were surprised to find out that the worker bee was adopted as a motif for Manchester during the Industrial Revolution.  Workers in the textile mills were compared to bees in their hives and the term ‘busy bee’ remains synonymous with the ideas of industriousness, perseverance and team work. Staff and pupils now know that it’s hard to cross the street in Manchester without seeing a bee; it’s everywhere on buildings, bollards, planters, litter bins etc.  In fact Manchester's coat of arms is crowned by a globe covered in bees! 

Community Rail Lancashire creates a real ‘Buzz’ in 10R

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P Martin
9 November 2018

Great to see the school taking part in such a fabulous project. Maybe the pupils could research schools that had the bees as their motif. Ducie High school in Moss Side Manchester now Manchester Academy had the bee as an insignia on the blazer pocket when I went there.

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