9 Nov 2018

This week in 8G we have been learning all about Pompeii as part of "The Rotten Romans." We started the week off by reading the story "Escape from Pompeii." Whilst reading the story we identified what life was life in the Roman times and became familiar with words such as 'toga'. We also identified Pompeii on the map and learnt about the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the devastation it caused to Pompeii. To support our understanding further we made a Lego village before erupting our own volcano (videos to follow) and talked about how people would have been feeling during the time. We also wrote diary entries from the perspective of an Pompeii citizen , created our own fact files and painted our own Mount Vesuvius pictures. We even made our diary entries look old with a tea bag.

In Mathematics we have undertaken lots of activities to support our understanding on length. Some of us have made our own Playdoh snakes and working together we had to put our snakes in length order. Some of us also did this with sticks, before moving on to ordering height by ordering cube towers; whilst one group have been identifying the correct units and equipment for measuring.


We are also very fortunate to be helping Mrs Broughton with the Chorley in Bloom project, and had lots of fun helping out in the community and addressing our personal targets.

Have a good weekend 









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