10 Feb 2019

8R would like to invite you to 'Recycle 4 School'


In Spring 2, 8R will be looking at the topic of Travel Agents. As part of this topic we have decided to carry out some charity work for people all over the world less fortunate than ourselves. To do this we need your help! 

We would like to ask for donations of reusable clothes which can be exported to people in need of them. These items can be old or out grown. Please see the attached photo for ideas of what is and is not accepted by the company. 

We have a box to fill in school so please send any donations to 8R who will go through the items and sort out what meets the criteria and what doesn't. Any items that do not meet the requirements of Roberts Recycles Ltd will be bagged up and taken to a charity shop in the local town centre.

Items can be brought into school from now until the Easter holiday when the recycle box with be collected.

Depending on how well we do with donations depends on the amount of money we are able to raise for school.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support with this charity project we are taking part in and look forward to receiving your donations, big or small. 

Roberts Recycling LTD

Posted by Mrs R Tolan

Category: Equality

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