9 Jun 2019

Willow have has a fabulous week learning all about the continents of the world in geography as part of our holiday topic. We started with some attention autism to grab our attention, where’s we located the continents and countries on the map. We then made some flags for France, German, Italy and the United Kingdom. 

By the end of the week all of Willow class knew that we lived in Europe, and the United Kingdom was in Europe, and England was in the United Kingdom! All the children were able to locate some of these countries on a map and colour them in, or match up the shape of the country. 

We independently painted and coloured our own flags, and some of us even built the flags using Lego pieces! We have also really been enjoying our small world village with different people from around the world and most popular of all is our new travel agents in class! We really like booking the teachers a holiday! 

Well done Willow Class!

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