20 Jul 2019

This week has been transition week at school. In 7R we welcomed two existing pupils and eight new pupils into class. There were lots of nerves at the beginning of the week but everyone has settled in really well and some fantastic friendships are blossoming already! On Monday we were busy baking brownies and cookies for our snack box, Tuesday was games day, Wednesday was sensory play say (we got very messy making fluffy slime and had some time in the sensory room), on Thursday and Friday we made some junk models of animals, houses or our favourite famous celebrities. We have had so much fun. We ended the week with a delicious ice cream from the ice cream man. Miss Beck, Miss O’Connell and I cant wait for September. Have a lovely summer! Here are a few pictures of what we got up to:


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7R Class, 2018-19

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