13 Sep 2019

Back in the swing!

Well what a great start we have had to the term in our final year at Astley Park.  We have continued to work on our core skills as well as explore new ways to relax and regulate ourselves. 

One activity that the class found challenging and fun was Yoga! It was amazing to see everyone stay focused and try their best in the activity.  Em and Dan really excelled at this activity and are looking forward to more sessions!

In life skills lessons we made easy Pizzas using tortillas and we continue to explore simple and easy meals we can make independently!

In science we have completed a Physics unit and discovered the different forms of energy and how they are changed or transferred by different objects.  We made working windmills then we witnessed how a hairdryer transfers electrical energy into heat, sound and movement energy.  We did this by melting different food with the hairdryer.  

Just a little reminder! Homework is due on Monday morning so get those easy pizzas made and email any photos!

Thank you to those who have already emailed in their fab creations!


11G Week 2





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