27 Sep 2019

This term in 7R we are learning all about superheroes. Take a look at what we have been up to over the last few weeks learning about fictional superheroes:

Communication, Language and Literacy

We began this unit of work by using the laptops to undertake superhero research. We used Microsoft Word and the internet to complete some superhero profiles. We then used our research to think about what superheroes do and used this to inspire superhero stories and comic strips. We hope you have seen some of the fantastic work that has been coming home with the pupils! We have used the stories we have created in our role play, acting out different scenes. It has been so much fun. We definitely have some budding actresses and actors in 7R! This week we even had a Hulk Challenge where we had to use tweezers to find letters hidden in the "Hulk slime" to build different superhero words. 

Maths and Problem Solving

In our Maths and Problem Solving lessons we are becoming familiar with using Numicon to develop our understanding of number. We created a superhero number line and matched Numicon shapes and rods to the number line. We have solved superhero related maths problems and have had a maths Hulk Challenge to make different numbers using more than one Numicon shape from the "Hulk Slime". This week we moved on to learn about Statistics. We learnt that statistics is using data (numbers) to find things out. We had a class vote on favourite superheroes and used tally charts and pictograms to record the findings and answer questions. We have also been learning how to create block diagrams. 

To develop our problem solving skills and develop our design technology skills, we have been building our own small world table - a lego city for our superheroes. Take a look at the pictures below. Our city is the product of three weeks hard work! We have worked so well together to complete the challenge!

Physical Development and Healthy Lifestyles

With Mr Murphy, we have been taking part in superhero PE lessons and making superhero fruit kebabs!

Understanding of the World

We have been learning all about magnets over the last two weeks. We have learnt words such as attract, repel, magnetic and non-magnetic. The pupils have been conducting their own experiments to predict and test whether different objects will be magnetic. 

Art and Creativity

Our superhero art work has been brilliant! We have made superhero hand print pictures and painted superhero portraits. Well done 7R. 

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos that show what we have been doing. Please keep an eye on Evidence for Learning which will be updated every Friday to see how the pupils are progressing towards their Personalised Learning Goals. 

Next week we will be moving on to our next unit of work, all about real life superheroes. We have some special visitors coming in to see us - we will keep you updated on the blog!

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