Welcome to our Mathematics curriculum page.

At Astley Park we pride ourselves on having a mathematically rich, engaging curriculum as we understand that Maths is essential for everyday life and the understanding of our world around us.  

At Astley Park School, mathematics allows learners to: 

  • Be challenged appropriately at their own level 

  • Be motivated by the appropriate mathematical challenges presented  

  • Be able to apply their mathematical understanding across the curriculum  

  • Be able to apply their mathematical understanding in real life situations. 

Concrete apparatus and real life contexts are used to deliver our bespoke curriculum that covers;   

  • Number 

  • Understanding-properties of shapes-position and direction 

  • Handling Data- statistics 

  • Measurement 

Number is taught through Numicon. Numicon is used to teach number concepts through a multi-sensory approach. The pedagogy behind the Numicon approach promotes that children learn best when moving from using concrete maths apparatus, pictorial representations and then abstract signs and symbols.  

Many thanks for taking the time to view Mathematics at Astley Park School. 

Numicon Guidance Booklet

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