Welcome to our Music curriculum page.

Music comes under the umbrella of MADD  (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) 

‘Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is   impossible to be silent’ (Victor Hugo) 

Musicianship plays a fundamental part in children’s development and learning, it helps develop fine motor skills, listening skills, turn taking and aids emotional and behavioural maturity. 

Music is a foundation subject and is taught throughout key stage one to key stage three. Key stage four experience slightly different looking at music through their ASDAN work and the foundation subject’s carousel. 

The curriculum content for Key stage one-three  

  • develop each of the interrelated skills of performing, composing and appraising in all activities; to extend these skills by applying listening skills and knowledge and understanding of music. 

  • children should be helped to understand: how sounds are made, changed and organised. 

  • elements and structures; how music is produced, and musical processes including relevant symbols and notations; 

  • how music is influenced by the time and place, for example how it can be affected by the venue, occasion and purpose. 

  The aim of teaching ‘Music’ at Astley Park is:- 

  • To offer all pupils a broad and balanced Music curriculum appropriate to their ages, level of understanding and needs. 

  • To offer pupils of differing abilities and whose experiences are wide ranging the opportunity to develop at their individual level and stage of development. 

  • To provide equality of opportunity regardless of gender, culture, race or disability. 

  • To provide access to musical knowledge, skills and understanding through the teaching of Music as a separate subject or within a cross-curricular approach. 

  • To provide pupils with relevant musical experiences through community linked performances, if available. 

  • To celebrate the similarities and differences of cultural based music. 

  • To use ICT as a tool to allow pupils to develop music skills. 

But most importantly for the pupils to have fun, relax and enjoy the new experiences we offer.  

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