Welcome to our PE curriculum page.

Our varied PE curriculum plays a fundamental role in the holistic development of our learners across the school and allows all to develop physical skills and understanding of their bodies work at their level. 

Physical Education enables our learners to: 

  • Master basic movements and develop co-ordination, balance and agility  

  • Take part in competitive games and sports at both inter and intra level  

  • Perform dances with a range of movements 

  • Develop competency in swimming  

  • Experience a variety of sports and adventurous activities both on and off site 

  • Understand how exercise affects their bodies 

  • Develop an understanding of how movement can help get our bodies “ready to learn” 

  • Work in team to build trust and develop problem solving skills 

Teachers are skilful at recognising and building upon pupils physical abilities in order to help them to progress in ways that are individually meaningful. Activities are designed to enhance gross motor development and incorporate physiotherapy programmes to help transfer skills to real activities. 

Healthy choices and active lifestyles are promoted across the school through plentiful opportunities to take part in physical activity. This includes riding bikes and trikes on our bike track, taking part in daily positive play sessions, access to our playground gym equipment, school activity days, fitness workouts and regular gym visits for our older pupils.  

Thank you for visiting Physical Education. 

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