Welcome to our PSHCE curriculum page.

Welcome to Astley Park School's PSHCE curriculum page. 

PSHCE equips learners with necessary skills for school life and beyond and develops a learner's understanding of themselves, others, their local community and the wider world.  

At Astley Park School, PSHCE allows learners: 

  • To promote the development of healthy, safer lifestyles and improves the quality of life and the environment. 

  • To encourage individual responsibility and informed decision-making so that young people can become aware of their own and respect other's values and attitudes. 

  • To develop person autonomy by having a degree of responsibility and control over their lives. 

  • To raise self-esteem and develop coping strategies. 

  • To develop relationships and the ability to function as individuals and in groups. 

Thank you for visiting our PSHCE page. We hope you enjoy some of the fantastic work we do to develop our understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us.   

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