Welcome to our RE curriculum page.

RE is a fundamental subject at Astley Park School. It is taught throughout all key stages and is differentiated accordingly to the learners abilities and needs. RE prepares our learners for life as it enables them to understand and appreciate the differences between others and themselves, learn about and appreciate a range of cultures, but more importantly, learning about respect and tolerance. 

Astley Park uses the Equals Scheme of work and throughout their journey at Astley Park School and learners will have the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting opportunities to support their understanding of Religious Education. They include: 

  • Participating in a range of sensory activities (e.g. food tasting, recreating and handling artefacts, listening to religious music) 

  • Roleplay 

  • Discussions and debates 

  • Visiting Religious buildings 

We are currently working towards achieving the Equality Badge for religion so please keep a look out for all the different and exciting learning that goes on in school in RE

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