12 Mar 2021

Please use the link below mentioned in Mr Welsh's latest letter dated 12.03.2021 - Pupil Home Testing Letter which will take you to a MS Form to report if your child has a positive or void test whilst participating in the twice weekly home-testing.  


     We would like you to test your child on a Sunday morning and a Wednesday evening, this will match the staff testing pattern.

     If you could test your child before 12 noon each Sunday and before 6pm each Wednesday and report any positive or void results


Home test process is:

  1. Complete the test as per instructions in the booklet (full instructions on pages 6-13 of your instruction booklet)
  2. Wait 30 mins for result (see page 14 on how to read your results)
  3. Report your result via the following link https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result your barcode is the QR code on the test strip or manually type in the number underneath the barcode (see page 15 of your instruction booklet to follow how to report the results)
  4. If positive or void result notify school using this Online Form to Report a Pupil Positive or Double Void LFD Test Result.
  5. If void result, take another test, if 2nd void arrange for a PCR test to be taken.
  6. If negative result no further action

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