Medication in School

Only medicines prescribed by a doctor may be administered in school.  Should this be necessary we require parents to make a written request and the student should be capable of ‘self administration’.  Each administration will be supervised and recorded by a member of staff.

Medicines must be supplied with their original named labels to ensure the correct dosage is given.  Only the correct daily dosage should be sent to school and should be handed to a responsible adult e.g. Passenger Assistants.

Asthmatic students must keep an inhaler in school at all times. Doctors will usually prescribe an extra one for this purpose. No medicine of any type can be administered without parental consent.

If your child is prescribed emergency medication out of school hours, please click on the link below to download and complete the 'Parental Agreement for School to Administer Medication.  This completed form needs to be returned to school before staff can administer medication.


Medical Appointments

We realise it isn't always possible to arrange medical appointments for your child out of school hours.

If your child needs to attend a hospital / dentist or other medical appointment please inform school immediately ideally via a written note that can go in your child's file.

We require:

  • Child's name
  • Class
  • Date/ Time of appointment
  • Whether a school dinner is still needed (if over the lunch-time period)
  • If your child will be returning to school or need removing from transport.

With all the above information it will ensure your child receives the correct attendance mark on the class register.


Absences Due To Sickness

If your child is too unwell to attend school please ring the school office on: 01257 262227.  There is always an answermachine switched on for out of hours, when leaving a message on the answermachine please ensure you always leave the following information.

  • Child's Name
  • Class
  • Date
  • Brief explanation / type of illness
  • Expected date of return.

By following these procedures it will ensure your child always receives the correct attendance mark and avoid any missing / unauthorised marks.

Any child not present for registration without prior notification / permission will be reported to the office immediately after registration.  The office staff will then ring home to obtain a reason for absence.


Absences Due To Sickness

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Pupil's must not attend school if suffering with headlice till they have been treated.
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Pupils must not attend school if suffering from sickness till they have had 48 hours clear of symptoms.
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Medical Advice - Measles Outbreak

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