PE & Sports Premium Grant Plan 2017-18

Pupils Eligible for PE & Sports Premium

Total number of pupils on roll

Qualifying Primary Pupils

Amount per Primary Pupil

Base Funding                                 












Total Primary Pupil Eligibility for 2017/18 :




Planned use of PE & Sports Premium 2017/18 (Academic Year)

Project / Item / Staffing






Impact / Outcome

To encourage participation in school sport at intra and inter school level. To broaden range of physical activity as part of healthy lifestyle.






Cover costs


  • Subscribe to Chorley Sports Partnership
  • Negotiate timetable of specialist coaching support
  • Attend PLT days, planning and evaluation meetings


Intended impact on pupils:

PE and Sports opportunities provided in school.

Regular PA 30 min per day via combination of:

Active lessons

Positive playground play

Active PE lessons


CSSP Offer

Provision and use of positive Playground  equipment.

Active lessons Go noodle / Premier Stars

CSSP Identification of G&T for Competitive  activities.

Attend SEND PE meetings

Broaden Range of Activities :

Contacts with outside coaching:



School development:

Sports week: July

Activity taster day:16th May 2018

Joe Wicks national fitness week

Evidence and impact:

CSSP delivery of 1 intra festivals and 2 inter festivals

C4L lunchtime activities on focused group of 6 pupils for personal PA.

Feedback from staff and pupils

School E4L records

TAs active at lunchtimes.

Blogs posted on school site

School website up dated with Photographs.

Attended SEND PE activities meeting

Judo delivered to 11 pupils over a 5 week term, evidenced on E4L. Provided opportunity to experience a new sport. Excellent feedback from the pupils and staff involved.

Cricket delivered to 22 children over a 5 week term, evidenced on E4L. Provided opportunity to play cricket in a friendly format that can be replicated in the school PE curriculum.

Whole school involvement in Joe Wicks daily workout for 30 mins each day. Fun activity that started each day with a positive feeling for the pupils.

Bikeability delivered to 33 children over 3 individual sessions to provide the basic skills.  


Focus on further C4L specific groups

Evidence PALs activities

Written TAs expectations for positive play.

Further national and school specific events.

Develop further outside contacts

To maintain representation at SEND PE meetings.

Build the quick cricket format into the school PE curriculum.

Maintain contact with Judo provider to facilitate further delivery of the sport.

Continue to utilise the bikeability program via CSSP.


Profile Intended Impact on pupils:

Communication, Image and awareness of PE and Sport.


Active lessons: Starters and Curriculum subjects.

Participation by pupils in events

Events: National sports week, Joe Wicks and Taster days

Evidence and impact:

Hall notice board

School Blogs posted

School website

Phase meeting representation

School council representation

Assembly presented awards


Continued representation at school council and phase meetings.

Up to date information on school website.

To improve knowledge, skills and confidence of non-specialist PE teachers in the delivery of high quality PE lessons


Included in above cost


Training costs


  • Implement timetable of specialist coaching support
  • Identify suitable staff for training
  • Identify training providers for Gymnastics certificate course
  • Secure place courses
  • Staff to complete training

Intended impact on pupils:                                                                

Identified CPD workshops

Classroom resources

Lesson delivery support


Joint observations and CSSP

Staff questionnaire to identify CPD

Representation at  PLT meetings

Top challenge cards scanned and available to all staff

Evidence and impact:

Weaknesses identified and planned CPD activities to be provided.

Focused feedback from observations

Use of resources by staff


Dance and gymnastics CPD

CSSP audit with staff

Develop observations process

To facilitate cycling as a curriculum activity as part of developing a healthy lifestyle

Training costs






Purchase costs


  • Identify suitable staff for training
  • Identify training providers for cycle maintenance
  • Secure place courses
  • Staff to complete training
  • Purchase helmets to facilitate cycle training

Intended impact on pupils:

Meet 30 min Physical activity

Staff CPD  cycling requirements

Provide safe resources for pupils

Evidence and Impact:

Broaden the opportunities available to pupils.


To maintain the cycle track and equipment for pupils to access. 


To increase participation in competition


Transport costs


  • Identify range of suitable competitions
  • Arrange entries
  • Select teams
  • Arrange transport


Intended impact on pupils:

Participation at:

School Gala Games

Charity swimathon


Cross country June 2018

Evidence and impact:

To provide the children with access to events outside the school curriculum.

Photographs available on school website.


To develop a timetable of events that can be accessed on an annual basis.

To enhance the PE curriculum with outdoor and adventurous  activity.

O&AA costs


  • Identify suitable on site activity
  • Identify suitable off site providers
  • Make bookings
  • Arrange transport if required


Actions: To arrange

Sports week activities

Taster Activity day activities

Evidence and Impact:

To provide the pupils with further opportunities to access OAA activities.


To enhance staff skills in the delivery of  outdoor and adventurous activity


Training costs



Cover costs


  • Identify suitable staff for training
  • Identify training providers for Orienteering and Bela
  • Secure place courses
  • Staff to complete training


Staff member completed Lowland Hill walking course

Evidence and impact:

Allow for pupils to undertake local hill walking activities. 

To improve outdoor play facilities to enable more physical activities to take part at playtime and lunchtime

Play equipment


  • Identify suitable play equipment
  • Order suitable play equipment
  • Arrange training for staff supervising outdoor play

Intended impact on pupils:

To provide an active playtime experience and meet both 30 min PA requirement. In addition the provision of a PE opportunity to meet individual pupil targets.


The availability of suitable equipment.

TA expectations

Pupil structured outcomes produced

Evidence and Impact:

Pupils to use the playground as a PA


To form part of the pupils E4L for PE objectives.

To provide a CPD opportunity for staff.


To maintain the play equipment

To maintain staff CPD opportunities

To develop with the PE curriculum requirements of individual pupils.

To develop rebound therapy as part of both the PE and sensory curriculum

Training costs



Purchase Contribution



  • Identify suitable outdoor trampoline
  • Source additional funding
  • Order suitable outdoor trampoline
  • Arrange rebound therapy training for staff

This equipment is to provide access to the PE curriculum for children with movement conditions.

Training for staff has already been completed and we are currently sourcing the equipment.

It will provide the pupils with opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for pupils with a wide range of needs. 

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety % of Year 6 Cohort    This is as a result of the learning conditions of the pupils.
Can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

Currently none of the 18 children in Y6 can swim 25 metres.

Can use a range of strokes effectively. 0%    
Can perform a safe-rescue in different water-based situations.            0%    



Sports Premium Plan