Transport is provided for all eligible families.  Passenger Assistants on the vehicles are charged with the well-being and safety of the students but are not allowed to leave the vehicle to knock on doors.  Occasionally the transport may run late due to traffic conditions, breakdown, or weather.

Sensible behaviour is expected on school transport from all students at all times.  Poor behaviour at these times not only damages the reputation of the school and its students but can also be dangerous.

Older students are encouraged to travel by public transport and a free bus pass can be applied for, subject to eligibility.  Students are allowed to come to school by bicycle only if they have the written permission of their parents, their bicycle is roadworthy and they wear the necessary protective clothing and equipment.

Your child’s best road safety teacher is you - effective road safety can only be taught in the street.  When your child is out and about with you, it’s your example he or she follows, good or bad.  Although Road Safety Education is taught within the school it is your responsibility as a parent to give your child the basic skills.

Please see the 'school transport application form' below, which can be downloaded and then returned to your local SEN Assessment Team.

If any parents require help or advice to complete their transport application form, please contact Mrs Patterson, our Parent, Carer Support Manager who will be happy to help.

School Transport

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