School Development Plan 2019 - 2022


 YEAR 1               April 2019 - April 2020

 YEAR 2            April 2020 – April 2021

YEAR 3              April 2021 - April 2022

Leadership & Management

  • Review whole school shared team values. 
  • Agree a development plan for a SEND support service to share good practice with community partners. 
  • Extended range of SLEs / SPEs & Specialist Leads available to support community partners.  
  • Increased use of distributed leadership throughout school   
  • Development & training opportunities for all leaders emerging, middle & senior.


  • Increase the range of specialist services offered by the SEND support service team. 
  • Raise awareness within our community partners of the range of services available from the SEND support service team. 
  • Enhanced succession planning - Identify the “Leaders of the future” offering specific training (NPQML & NPQSL) and development opportunities. 
  • Increased range of Specialist leads/Champions who have expertise in key areas of school life who can share knowledge and support colleagues.  
  • Gain LPPA re-accreditation in 2021. 
  • A highly effective school led Outreach & In-reach service. 
  • Further develop the role of School Champion.  
  • Gain On-line Safety Mark re-accreditation in July 2021. 
  • Gain Equality Mark re-accreditation in April 2022. 
  • Parent Voice - Parents and Carers actively involved in the SIP & SDP process.  
  • Pupil Voice - Pupils involved in SIP & SDP process. 


Quality of Education

  • Enhancement of Primary and KS3 curriculum to refine learning provision for learners with CLDD. 
  • Personalised assessment pathways to maximise individually meaningful progress for each learner. 
  • Individualised progress towards Personalised Outcomes recorded, assessed and tracked using PLG’s and Assessment Books. 
  • Use the Engagement Scale to analyse learning and assess progress for learners with CLDD. 
  • To develop the use of ICT further to enhance the learning of pupils and creativity of staff. 
  • To develop subject specific app and resource banks created by subject leaders. 
  •  To develop a school blog on areas of academic work and internal research. 
  • Further enhance sensory provision for learners with emotional and sensory regulation needs. 


  • The effectiveness of peer observations on practice to be assessed and developed according to the findings so that excellent practice is shared and celebrated. 
  • To further strengthen sharing of good practice at an inter-school level. 
  • Further develop the skills of subject leaders to have sound knowledge of their subject and have the skills to drive their subject forward.   


Personal Development

  • To disseminate the use of Nurture for Learning principles across identified provision. 
  • To establish the usefulness of therapeutic play for our learners at Astley Park. 



  • To assess the effectiveness of the implementation of Nurture for Learning principles in practice.  
  • To trail the principles of therapeutic play across identified classes/learners. 
  • To enhance current career provision in line with current national guidance.   
  • To further enhance learners’ personal development through a bespoke PSHE curriculum in line with changes in national statutory guidance. 
  • To assess the progression of careers provision across school. 
  • To assess the implementation of the PSHE curriculum across key stages. 
  • To assess the implementation of therapeutic play principles.  



Behaviour & Attitudes

  • To maintain the current whole school attendance target through highly effective support and early intervention.  
  • To increase the range of positive play opportunities across Primary and Secondary Break times, with guidance and support from the SEND team.  
  • To continue to provide support for pupils with SEMH needs through individual PLG targets. 



  • Gain Behaviour Quality Mark. 
  • Review impact of Golden Ticket Reward Visits for pupils with SEMH. 



  • Review the use of Restorative Approaches across school. 



  • Exterior woodwork (KS 3 classrooms) Oct half-term 
  • Grounds 'overhaul' to be completed 
  • Willow structures restored 
  • Areas to side of Primary Phase tidied up 
  • Containers cleaned 
  • Development of  Training Facilities summer 2019
  • Hospitality service to be established 
  • Food Technology Room re-established 
  • Windows replaced as soon as funding is available 
  • Exterior woodwork ‘Phase 2’ to be identified 
  • Willow Structures trimmed 


  • Playground resurfacing & remarking  
  • Replacement of Moving Up Building by 6-classroom facility 
  • Willow Structures trimmed 


Health & Safety

  • H & S Modules completed by October half term 2019 
  • Food Hygiene training sourced 


  • CCTV 
  • Perimeter Fence replaced  


  • Stair lift to Primary Department 
  • Access path to wooden outdoor classroom built 
  • New minibus purchased -partly funded 


  • Smaller vehicle purchased for use of small groups individual transport for links, etc 


  • Use the school inventory to gather visitor feedback. 
  • Translate key policies and transition booklets into a range of languages. 
  • Increase the number of parental volunteers.  
  • Develop parent/family forest school sessions. 
  • Analyse feedback from questionnaires. 
  • Provide workshops and video tutorials for new apps. 
  • Appoint an LPPA lead to gather evidence and prep or the re-accreditation.  


  • Analyse feedback from all questionnaires and compare responses from the last 3 years. 
  • Develop parental handbook. 
  • Complete re-accreditation in May 2021. 



Online Safety