School Development Plan 2017 - 2020

   YEAR 1                2017- 2018  YEAR 2               2018- 2019 YEAR 3               2019 -2020
Leadership  & Management
  • Agree whole school vision and team values.
  • Gain the Online Safety Mark
  • Improved transition process, ensuring highly effective communication and information sharing.
  • Gain remaining 2 of 5 Equality Badges:  Sexual Orientation and Religious Beliefs and Equality Mark.
  • Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) Re-Accreditation.
  • Increase amount of teachers with Specialist Practitioner in Education (SPE) status. 
  • Review roles and responsibilities of existing members of LMT.
  • Review the effectiveness of LMT Operational & LMT Strategic Meetings
  • Review methods of communication with parents/carers
  • Review current partnerships with range of providers – extend or enhance if necessary
  • Increase amount of pupil and parent input into SEF SIP & SDP
  • Extend the role of the school champions – sharing knowledge and supporting colleagues
  • Prepare for LPPA Re-accreditation in 2020
  • Develop Outreach
  • Succession Planning Appraisal system
  • SMSC
  • Review impact/effectiveness of Appraisal
  • Highly effective range of leaders at all levels
  • Embed the role of School Champion
Teaching, Learning      & Assessment
  • Peer observations to be developed and time given for staff to experience working in different key stages.
  • KS4 improved transition and better college links
  • To increase Subject leaders confidence to carry out subject leadership role within school.
  • To develop a creative approach to work experience for KS4 pupils.
  • Extend current assessments tailored to our children’s individual needs.
  • Subject Focus: Number- Maths, Sounds-write- English and Online Safety
  • Teachers to reflect further on their practice and think about professional development.
  • Develop the use of ICT further to enhance the learning of pupils and creativity of staff.
  • Additional learning support to be an intrinsic part of everything we do.
  • Curriculum adaptations reflecting internal and external factors.
  • Subject Focus: RE & History
  • Share and celebrate excellent practice.
  • Appropriate relevant Curriculum – adapted more towards complex needs to include sensory aspects
  • Outdoor provision for all classrooms
  • Hubs on different areas of school improvement.
  • To develop a school blog on areas of academic work and internal research.
  • Time to collaborate with other teachers
  • Music therapy
  • Subject lead app banks
  • Ks 3 curriculum review with more life
  • PE Increased funding to enable KS4 pupils can engage in sporting activities that link to a sustainable healthy life style in line with new Government Policy Skills
Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
  • Develop staff knowledge, skills and understanding of a SEMHD
  • Develop a healthy body, healthy mind culture throughout school focussing on exercise and mindfulness
  • Gain the Online Safety Mark
  • Seal assemblies follow a half termly approach with a variety of themes being delivered focussing on the key principles
  • Develop the Alert Programme throughout school
  • Review the impact of the Intervention Team
  • Review the impact of online safety within the curriculum
  • Develop parent/carer based activities to increase engagement through a variety of workshops
  • Review of Healthy Schools focussing on a healthy eating culture
  • Review the selected Apps for the I-pads and monitor the usage and effectiveness
  • Review the impact of focussed SEAL assemblies
  • Re-establish internal moderation groups for core subjects
  • Develop Evidence for learning to include KS4 and EYFS
  • Develop use of “Parent View”
  • Review progress recording in non-accredited KS4 subjects
  • Establish on entry baseline for KS4 accredited subjects
  • Investigate alternatives for KS4 accreditation
  • Submit school progress data to ELIP for comparative analysis
  • Establish internal moderation groups for broader range of subjects
  • Make “Parent View” available to all parents
  • Establish a broader range of KS4 accreditation pathways
  • Establish Communication profiles in place for all pupils
  • Evaluate pupil progress against standardised assessments
  • Evaluate feedback from ELIP benchmarking and identify any areas for development
  • Review impact of Evidence for Learning on pupil progress
  • Evaluate the impact of interventions for pupils band F and above
  • Evaluate the impact of the speech and language therapist on pupil progress in communication
Premises Development Innovation
  • Outdoor areas for Primary Classrooms (£6,000)
  • Hygiene Suite / Storage (£66,000)
  • Moving On building – classroom adaptation (£6,000)
  • Car Park resurfacing (£15,000)
  • Moving Up – roof replacement (£16,000)
  • Perimeter Fence (£47,000)
  • Extend storage of ICT Hardware (£450)

Total: £156, 450

  • Replacement of B4L / Gnome Dome building
  • CCTV
  • Car Park – extension
  • External repair of woodwork & cladding
  • Replacement of “failed” windows
  • Stair lift to Primary Department
  • Playground resurfacing & remarking


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