School Development Plan 2018 - 2021


 YEAR 1               April 2018 - April 2019

 YEAR 2             April 2019 - April 2020

YEAR 3              April 2020 -  April 2021

Leadership  & Management

  • Revisit whole school shared team values.
  • SDP SIP & other plans clearly identify the intended pupil impact
  • Does the pupil admission process to and within school remain a strength?
  • External validation of high-quality practice by achieving the Equality Mark.
  • Does the Staff Induction remain highly effective?
  • Broaden development & training opportunities for all leaders emerging, middle & senior 
  • Distributed Leadership is consolidated throughout school via range of highly competent focus groups
  • Management of school data  & operational systems including GDPR remain highly embedded.
  • Enhance effective succession planning by offering bespoke training and development opportunities e.g: NPQML & NPQSL 
  • Specialist leads/Champions further enhance their expertise in a key areas of school life ASC / SLD / SLCN / EBD / Equality / Pupil Voice / Forrest School SMSC / BV and continue to share their knowledge and support their colleagues in school and beyond
  • Embed the role of Specialist leads / School Champions
  • SLEs / SPEs & Specialist Leads support a range of community partners via a highly effective school led Outreach & In-reach service
  • Parent partnership remains a strength and LPPA re-accreditation achieved.  Parents and carers actively involved int eh SIP & SDP process
  • Pupil Voice - Review pupil questionnaire to enhance involvement in SIP & SDP process

Teaching, Learning      & Assessment

  • To further enhance a creative approach to work experience for KS4 pupils.
  • To further enhance the KS4 curriculum.
  • Personalised Outcome Plans are embedded in the core of teaching and learning.
  • Subject Focus: Maths, Numicon, English - Sounds Write and Online Safety
  • Does the Primary & KS3 curriculum remain highly focussed on the holistic development of pupils?
  • Pupils personalised additional learning support remains embedded in all aspects of Teaching and Learning
  • Pupil engagement remains a strength due to the innovative use of ICT across the curriculum 
  • Subject Focus: PSHE, Computing & Science
  • Excellent practice continues to be shared and celebrated via high quality peer observations and feedback
  • School based research further enhances Teaching and Learning
  • Subject Focus: Art, History and Geography

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

  • To further enhance staff knowledge and understanding of pupils with SEMHD          
  • To further enhance staff understanding of self-harming behaviours                              
  • Evidence gathering in preparation for the Behaviour Quality Mark 
  • Social Thinking Curriculum introduced to enhance pupil social communication skills and self-regulation
  • Evidence gathering in preparation for the Well-Being Award
  • Review the selected Apps for the I-pads and monitor the usage and effectiveness
  • Evaluate the impact of Interventions across school for pupils receiving PPG
  • External validation of high quality practice by achieving the Well-Being Award
  • Parent/ Carer support remains a strength and we continue to offer quality drop in sessions offering support and advice
  • Review the impact of focussed SEAL assemblies
  • Review the use of Restorative Approaches across school


  • Identify individually relevant KS4 curriculum content
  • Embed bespoke assessment systems to measure progress across KS4
  • Enhance moderation of the assessments of non-core subjects across school
  • Communication profiles for all pupils are used to secure high quality outcomes
  • Evaluate the recording of progress in non-accredited subjects at KS4
  • Evaluate alternative accreditation in KS4
  • Bench mark pupil progress against regional data
  • Review impact of Evidence for Learning on pupil progress
  • Evaluate the impact of PALS interventions for pupils’ band F and above
  • Refine systems for tracking progress in addition to BSquared data.
  • Embed the use of engagement scales to refine the tracking of pupil progress  
  • Further enhance and electronic recording and assessment system to monitor progress towards POP targets
  • Evaluate the impact of the speech and language therapist on pupil progress in communication
  • Review the use of  standardised assessments to evaluate pupil progress
Premises Development Innovation
  • Enhance the learning environment by replacement of B4L / Gnome Dome building, external repair of woodwork & cladding and replacement of 'failed' windows
  • Further strengthen  school security with the installation of CCTV
  • Enhance safety and well-being with an extension of the Car Park 
  • Enhancing accessibility within the Primary Phase with the installation of a Stair lift
  • Enhance the external learning environment by resurfacing & remarking the playground
  • Enhance the learning environment by replacing the Moving Up Building




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