We like parents and carers to visit Astley Park School.  It is good for children to know that their parents are interested in their school and education.  We believe that the best team consists of the child, the parents, and the staff, working together.

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time; although telephoning beforehand to make an appointment is very helpful and much appreciated.

A detailed Annual Review is carried out each year and parents are invited into school to discuss their child’s progress.  A home visit can be made at the request of parents or may be suggested by a member of staff.

We hold  ‘Parent Consultation Evenings’ each year and many other less formal events to which all parents are invited by letter and we are very grateful for the support we receive.

We will always contact parents if we are concerned about any aspect of their child’s welfare; progress or behaviour and we hope that parents will let us know of any problems or anxieties, which might affect their child.

There is a very active School Council.  The Council has representatives elected by pupils in each class in school and the Headteacher attends all meetings.  The Council has made a number of very important recommendations.