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                             Equality Statement and Objectives 2018-19                            


Equality Statement

Astley Park School seeks to provide Equality of Opportunity for all members for the school community whatever their disability, age, gender, race, nationality, religion, marital status, maternity, sexual orientation or background. We recognize that people have different needs and treating them equally does not always mean treating them exactly the same. We recognize that some members of the school community will need additional support to enable them to fully access school services. We strive to challenge discrimination and prejudice of all levels in the school community. We are working towards achieving the LLC Equality Mark and have already completed 3 out of the 5 equality badges, these being Race, Gender and Disability.


Specific Duties

We have two Specific Duties under the 2010 Equality Act:

• To publish information to demonstrate our compliance with the general duty to

promote equality

• To prepare and publish one or more equality objectives

We have therefore prepared this document to show what we do to promote equality of opportunity and highlight the equality objectives we have prepared.


School objectives


Objective 1: To achieve the LCC Equality Mark.


Objective 2: To monitor the engagement of protected groups at school events.


Objective 3: To provide staff training around LGB&T issues.  



Annual Equality Information 2018

Pupils on Role






Special Educational Needs


Free School Meals


English as Additional Language



152 White British

5 Pakistani

5 White & Black Caribbean

2 other white

2 refused

1 Indian

1 White & Black African

1 any other mixed


73 Christian

49 No religion

25 Roman Catholic

8 Other

7 Muslim

2 Mormon

1 Hindu

4 Refused

Looked After Children





Review Process

The Deputy Head teacher Mr S Poxon, Equality Champions Miss M Miller & Mr K Murphy and Nominated Governor for Equality Mr M Maher have specific responsibility for equality issues within school. The Leadership Team and Governors at Astley Park School regularly review the progress we are making towards meeting our equality objectives and a report is presented termly to governors via nominated governor report and HT repot regards progress towards achieving our objectives.


2018-19 Equality Statement

2018-19 Single Equalities Policy

British Values

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