3 Apr 2020

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all keeping safe and looking after each other. 

The children in 7G have been super busy working at home. You all look like you have been working really hard and I am very proud of you all!

Miss Hendy and Miss McPartlin have also been working from home this week, and lucky Mrs Mahood has been having a break! Miss Ward has been in school helping to look after some of the Primary children. This week is her last week and we will miss her lots - she has really helped in 7G over the last few months!

Let's see what you have all been up to this week ....

Eshan - You have been working really hard on education city with your maths and english work. I have also seen you trying really hard with your singing and football skills! I am glad you are having fun and working hard at the same time! 

Ambar - Wow Ambar! Dad told me that you have a new tablet! That looks fun! I can see you have been spending time with your brother and sister and working hard on tracing over lines! You have also been doing some fab colouring! Well done! 

Harry - Harry you have been super busy! Mum told me how you have tried super hard at putting your socks on yourself! Well done! I have also seen your amazing number work on education city - so much I have had to set you some challenges! Awesome! You are also trying some time work with Mum which is great!

Tyler - Wow I can have heard how you have been exercising lots with Joe Wicks with all your family. You have been doing some great maths work, learning about animals and practising your sounds! Mum also told me how you have been baking and have even made some soup! Can I try some? Also it is your birthday this week so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have an awesome time! 

Katie - Hi Katie! Dad told me how you have been doing lots of reading while you have been at home. This is great! He also said how hard you have tried with your work at home. You have also been doing lots of colouring and they look beautiful! 

Joshua - Joshua has been very very busy! Joshua I can see at both mummy and daddy's you have been trying hard with your maths and english work. You have also been on education city and purple mash practising your sounds and your numbers which is great! You really look like you are enjoying the kinetic sand and colouring! I am very happy that you are being a good boy at home doing your talk tools with mummy! Great work Joshua!

Clayton - Clayton you have been a superstar in school this week for Miss Robertson, Mrs Devlin, Mrs McShane and Mrs Jones! I can see you have been talking about your engine and what can make it fast or slow, you have been doing some problem solving to create your own easter egg and working hard on your numicon! I really like your disney princess pictures you have been doing! 


I am very proud of all of you in 7G for the work you have been doing and how good you have all been! 

I hope to see all your amazing work next week and if your parents haven't sent me anything yet I would love to see some more videos and pictures! 

Well done 7G! Stay safe, keep washing your hands and last of all have some fun too! 

7G Home Learning Week 1-2

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