11G enjoying life 9/5/21

9 May 2021

This week 11G have been busy learning about the life cycle of a frog which has run alongside our learning about how caterpillars develop. 
Using the interactive whiteboard we learnt that first of all there is frogspawn which looks like little round bits of jelly each with a tiny black dot inside,…

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10R look at portion sizes

7 May 2021

Today we continued our functional skills looking at portion sizes and nutrition facts. 

we learned that fibre is good for our gut.

Pupils worked out what fibre is and how much we should be eating per day. We divided this by 3 meals and then made a simple meal of sandwiches and crisps…

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10G learns how to whisper!

7 May 2021

10G have been learning all about how to stay safe online and what we can do if we ever have any problems. Our digital leader had a very important meeting with Mrs Tolan all about whisper, what it is, how we use it and why we use it. He then helped to lead a session all about…

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Happy Birthday, Ayah!

7 May 2021

We had one day less in school this week but we didn’t have any less fun or learn any less! We also had a birthday to celebrate! We had lots of cake and sang a big happy birthday to Ayah.

We’re continuing to Sail the Seven Seas in Oak Class and we’re still finding treasure in our learning. In…

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Ahoy There Maple!

6 May 2021

Another wonderful week for Maple class! This week we have been very busy exploring our classroom environment and all things pirate. We have continued to develop our bank of topic signs, symbols and words and we are using them to communicate during work and play. We have enjoyed lots of sand and…

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Digital Leader Luca teaches Willow class to stay safe online

6 May 2021

In Willow class our digital leader is Luca and he was set a new project for this week by Mrs Tolan- teach his class how to use “Whisper”.

Whisper is an app on the school website where children can send messages to Mr Welsh or Mrs Patterson from home if they are worried about anything. They can…

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