9Rs Trip to the Zoo

1 Jul 2022

Today 9R had their class trip to Blackpool Zoo!

We started our day off bright and early, driving in the mini bus to the zoo and dropping our lunches off in the Darwin Centre. We saw lots of amazing animals as we began to explore the zoo, including lots of different exotic birds and monkeys and…

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Party time in 10G

1 Jul 2022

As part of their ASDAN work 10G have planned and prepared a birthday party for 3 members of their class.

The first task was choosing what party food we were going to have. After lots of suggestions (some of us wanted a roast dinner on our buffet) we managed to narrow down the list to a few…

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Exploring summer in Beech class

1 Jul 2022

This week in Beech class we have enjoyed lots of summer themed activities.

In our attention autism sessions we have explored lots of summery themes including ice cream, rainbows, farm animals, and even Wimbledon!

We have also played with the parachute and tunnel outside, enjoyed spending…

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11g celebrate prom 2022

1 Jul 2022


Oh my goodness ! 

We have had the best time ever. 
We had a party at school, put on our best suits and dresses, had our hair done . 
Had professional photos taken. Fantastic ride in a big white limo. Followed by an amazing meal at Shaw Hill . Then danced the night…

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Rowan Class - Summer 2 Week 4

1 Jul 2022

We have had a super busy week in Rowan Class. We enjoyed number games outside, we had races with the bluebots and programmed them to move around the mats. We all did amazing at swimming at always!

This week we have been talking about our new classes and how some of us might be worried, so we…

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A Sporty Summer Term for 8A

1 Jul 2022

8A have had a fabulous summer developing their physical skills during our Me and My Body lessons on Thursday afternoons. 

During Summer 1, our adventures practiced their circus skills, linked to their The Circus is in Town theme, which involved a lot of hand-eye coordination, balance and target…

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Park Fridays in 8A

1 Jul 2022

On Fridays this half term, we have been practicing our road safety skills by walking to the park during Golden Time. This is part of our Travel Training work, which links to our My Community work and also allows us to work on our social skills and independence skills which link to our PLGs. Well…

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Willow and Sycamore team up for a Chorley schools sports competition!

30 Jun 2022

On Wednesday, 8 pupils from Willow and Shcamore class attended the Chorley Schools Sports Partnership quad games competition at a local sports hub.

The children took part in a howler throw, standing log jump and a 50m sprint.

Unfortunately we had to leave to get back for buses before the…

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Welcome to the 9G Show!

30 Jun 2022

This term 9G have been learning about the Circus. 

In My Communication we explored a circus sensory story before being set the challenge to write our own circus story to perform to 8A! 9G worked together to write a class story, sharing ideas and carefully thinking of roles for everyone. We had…

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A Day by the coast for 10R

29 Jun 2022

Yesterday 10R visited Lytham Fairhaven Lake and The Pavilion Cafe. 
We had so much fun on the play park the pupils especially liked spinning Mrs Tolan until she couldn’t spin anymore! Our visit tied in nicely with our Food Technology topic this term of Picnic food, unfortunately…..they went down…

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