World religion week in 9G

21 Jan 2022

This week it’s been World Religion Week. 


9G looked at 10 flags and they had to name the countries. The staff were amazed on their answers… We had the UK, USA, Brazil, China, Kenya, Israel, Australia, India, Russia and Japan. 

This lead onto different religions, Christianity, Judaism,…

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Rowan Class - Spring 1 Week 3

21 Jan 2022

Rowan Class have been looking at Christianity as part of World Religion Week. We built churches from blocks, made stained glass windows with paper and card, and copied Christian symbols with chalk and natural objects. We enjoyed swimming again this week, became a lot more independent in cookery,…

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The Hungry Caterpillar in Chestnut Class

21 Jan 2022

This week Chestnut Class have had a great time getting stuck into our Mini beast topic by reading The Hungry Caterpillar. We have enjoyed learning about different types of fruit, making choices and working on our fine motor skills to chop, peel and make delicious fruit skewers. We have been…

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10R Derian House Charity Shop Donation Request

20 Jan 2022

Today 10R did posters for our community action for Derian House in the local community to give to the charity shop so they can give nice things to the children to use.

The above blog information was written by 2 of our pupils. Well done team. 

On Monday 24th January 10R will be collecting…

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10R Celebrate World Religion Day

18 Jan 2022

This week 10R have looked at Judaism.


pupils have explored what it is like to be a Jew, learning about their holy day Shabbat. They have also learnt about the symbol, the Star of David. 

We incorporated Hanukkah, a festival of dedication through light, into a yoga session. Pupils…

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