31 Jul 2020

What a fantastic start we've had to our Summer School!!!! All our group have been happy, well mannered and ready to have fun. 

We started our week in the 8R classroom with Sarah. We enjoyed playing 3D Snakes and Ladders, creating some beautiful artwork, watching funny animal videos, exercising outside on the track and completing a "Positivity Mirror" activity. Sarah really loved role playing with the puppets - we had lots of laughs!!!

On Tuesday, Taylor and Michael came to join us. Michael really liked playing games on the computer, bike riding and finding out interesting facts about Tesla cars. Taylor enjoyed watching films and playing football. We also listened to some music on the radio and tried to do some dancing whilst watching Just Dance videos. 

Michael was back again on Wednesday together with Sarah. Michael started his day on the computer again, whilst Sarah did some mindful colouring. We watched some more animal videos and then went outside on the bikes. We stayed outside all afternoon while Michael and Sarah role played a game where Sarah was pretending to be a lost kitten. It was a great day with some brilliant communication and play skills demonstrated!

On Thursday and Friday Lewis came to Summer School. He was fantastic at playing games - and managed to beat us both at Uno, 3D Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4. We also watched The Lion King, played football and did some bike riding. The weather was fantastic so we put on our suncream and chilled in the sun with some ice cream!

Thanks to everyone for a brilliant first week - see you all soon for week 2!!

Mrs Mahood & Mr Connor

summer club group 2 week 1

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