22 May 2020

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the lovely stories and photographs that you have shared with us.

This week I have been working from home so I have been spending a lot of time using my ipad and laptop and learning lots of new skills. I do hope that you have enjoyed doing some of the activities that I have sent to you.

As well as spending time doing lots of work for school I have also been reading my kindle, cooking and going out for walks every day. Today it  was so windy that I thought I was going to get blown  to  the top of a tree as I walked along…phew, thankfully it didn’t happen and I stayed safe. So, lets have a look at what some of you have been up to this week .

This week Eleanor has been doing some fabulous work on an LED whiteboard practising her lovely writing skills.

Eleanor has also been for walks in the woods, collecting fir cones and balancing on a rope bridge amongst other things.

I love the photo of you doing your sensory exercises Eleanor, and it made me laugh when I read about your dog wanting to take part and sitting on you.


Nathan has been working on greater than, less than and equals this week…I have been looking at the fabulous homework sheets that you have been completing.

Well done Nathan on working out and understanding that during the crocodile game the crocodile always eats the larger number.

Fabulous work Nathan.


Georgia has been very active this week playing tennis on the courts and also paddling in her pool…looks wonderful.

I like the photos of you playing monopoly Georgia, I do wonder who won in the end ?

Georgia has also been busy in the kitchen baking and also she won a certificate for her MADD week flag. Well done .


Joshua has done some fabulous maths work at home this week learning about the time…wow it looked to me like it was almost time for pizza.

Joshua has also been sequencing numbers and I really like the look of the sum swamp game…it looks very exciting. You have got lots of different games to choose from Joshua.


Lucas has been working very hard this week on different arrays. Fantastic work Lucas.

Lucas has also been helping to make his own tea and I really like the photo of you using the kettle very safely in the kitchen. I could tell that you were being very sensible Lucas.


This week Jessie has been spending lots of time outside in the garden getting fresh air and exercise especially on the trampoline.

Jessie has also been doing lots of pictures and paintings and  hand prints using different coloured paints.

I also like hearing that you have been doing lots of hard work on Education City.

Well done Jessie.


10G Learning from home 22/5/20

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