22 May 2020

Hi everyone!

Here we are at the end of Summer 1 half term- I feel like I've blinked and missed this half term, it has flown by so quickly.

A huge thank you, once again, to everyone who joined in with our class video call on Monday afternoon. Mrs Linde was our special guest and introduced us all to her new puppy, Ziggy! We all loved to hear you telling us about your pets, favourite DVD, favourite toy or book and hearing about what you have been doing. I am trying to organise our next one for the week after half term, thinking we will all play a game together this time!

Let's have a look what all your friends in 8G have been up to this week...

Ben has been enjoying reading in the garden in the sunshine this week. He has been working hard on his counting and Mum has sent me lots of videos of Ben taking objects away from a group. I love how slow and steady you do your counting Ben! Ben has enjoyed Education City and Purple Mash activities too and has been having a go at learning the signs from Miss Connolly's True Colours YouTube video. Excellent work, Ben!

BH 8G Summer Week 5

Charlie has been watching Mrs Mahood's "Baking With Mrs Mahood" YouTube video this week and has baked some brownies.Don't they look amazing? He continues to work hard with his sight-reading and Numicon, and has also enjoyed some of the activities on Purple Mash and Education City too. Mum said Charlie has enjoyed reading the Supertato story and has invented his own superhero called... Super Banana! Love the name, Charlie- keep up the good work!

CW 8G Summer Week 5

Daisy has been enjoying Purple Mash and Education City activities and Mum has also been logging on to Oxford Owl for reading books for Daisy too. Daisy has been having a go at the Rainbow Cloud activity that Miss Riley posted on YouTube channel, Mum said Daisy loved watching the colours drip through the shaving foam. They've also had a go at Mrs Crouch's Playdoh Gym session and have been having lots of fun with the Supertato activities that were sent home this week. Daisy has been building sentences using Colourful Semantics about the pictures from the book and ordering the potatoes in size order too. Daisy has been helping Mum to make soup by peeling the vegetables carefully and they even made their own Supertato using a potato- what a brilliant idea! This week has been Mental Health Awareness week so Daisy has been having a try at some of the videos posted on the YouTube channel. She's followed Mrs James's sensory diet session and has even had a go at yoga in the garden with Mum. Wonderful work, Daisy!

DH 8G Summer Week 5

Francesca has been working through the Supertato activities that were sent home. She has managed to put the potato pictures into the right order from smallest to biggest, used the pictures to re-tell the Supertato story to Mum and drawn her own superhero too. Francesca has enjoyed the Education City and Purple Mash activities and has drawn lots of different food in her shopping trolley. Francesca is still working hard on her number work too. She has been using counters to help her do some subtraction problems and has been putting the number cards in the right order too. Excellent work, Francesca!

FF 8G Summer Week 5

It was so nice to see Harrison on our video call this week. For his "Show and Tell" he showed everyone his collection of Thomas the Tank Engine toys and DVDs too. We hope to see you on our next video call, Harrison!

Jake been helping Mum in the garden at home, helping her to water the plants to make them big and strong. He's also been making tangram pictures with lots of shapes and Mum said he kept going with the activity for 10 minutes! Wow what super concentrating, Jake! Jake has also been working hard on writing his name and forming his letters correctly too. He has been writing his numbers and has been reading numbers up to 100!! I am so impressed with your learning, Jake!

JP 8G Summer Week 5

Nicola has been in school for some of the week this week with Mrs Down, Miss Robertson and Mrs Devlin. She has been taking part in some Mental Health Awareness activities and has made a happy jar. She's also been for a nature walk in the beautiful sunshine and has been doing lots of colouring too. Nicola has also been working on her self-help and independence skills this week by following instructions to make a sandwich. Well done, Nicola!

NB 8G Summer Week 5

Rose has put a tent up in her garden this week! What a brilliant idea. Mum says she has been loving playing inside it with her dollies. They've also been enjoying the beautiful weather towards the end of this week and Rose has been practicing riding her bike. Rose has made a wonderful caterpillar model and has been working hard with her Numicon- matching the shapes to the number line and recognising the shapes by colour too. Super work, Rose!

RH 8G Summer Week 5

Skye has had a cast put on her foot again due to it causing her a lot of pain, but that hasn't stopped her from keeping busy this week! She has been baking cakes and bread with Dad. Mum said Skye decided to do her own make up, have a look at the photos to see how it turned out!! She's also been keeping active with lots of bike rides and has enjoyed a yummy picnic in Yarrow Valley Park too. Well done, Skye!

SG 8G Summer Week 5

Hopefully you will have all received a special little "door step delivery" at some point today with some goodies for you to share with your families. Please let us know if you haven't received yours. It was Mrs Down's lovely idea to do this- Miss Aindow has made the beautiful cards and Mrs England made the brilliant certificates. Just a little something to let you all know that we are missing you and how proud we are of how well you are all doing with your learning from home.

Thank you to everyone who has said they want to have a go at our Singing and Signing video. If you haven't let us know, it's not too late! Please let me know ASAP and I can assign you a part of the song to learn.

Finally I need to tell you who our Star of the Week is this week...




It's Nicola! Nicola has worked really hard in school last week and this week. She has been making good choices too and has done some brilliant work for Mrs Down, Miss Robertson and Mrs Devlin. Well done, Nicola!

It is half term next week so we hope you all manage to have a rest from your learning and (fingers crossed) the sun will come out to play too!!

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Fisher, Mrs Down, Mrs England and Miss Aindow


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Julia Hitchen
22 May 2020

Great learning 8G! It’s lovely to see everyone with such bright smiles enjoying their learning. Daisy signs “hello” to you all. Enjoy the half term break and stay safe.

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