30 Sep 2021


What a lovely day to go down to the park. Alex and Mason had the big responsibility of getting us all to Astley Park and back safely.  They took it in turned to stop at the curb, look for traffic and then make the big desion if it was safe to cross the road. Well done, you got us all to the park safely!
Once we were in the park, we looked and smelt the beautiful flowers in the sensory garden. We talked about how they are changing colour as we venture into autumn. We walked down to the walled garden and looked at different kinds of fruit and vegetables that were growing. We could see lots of apples and pears on the trees. They were not quite ready to eat. But some had fallen off with the wind.
After a little walk we reached the play equipment, Miss Robertson said we could have a little time to play. We enjoyed the slide and the climbing best. 
We spotted a traffic warden and talked about how a person in a uniform and with an ID badge is a safe stranger. She even stopped to say hello to us. Who will have the responsibility next time?

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