1 Oct 2021

This week in 10G we have well and truly embraced the autumnal weather. We read a story about a lovely group of animal friends, called ‘Don’t hog the hedge’. This story taught us all about friendship and sharing, as the animals in the story had to share a hedge to make sure they were all safe in the cold weather. 
In class we took part in some yoga relating the the animals in the story - we had to curl up like a hedgehog, flap our arms like a bat and leap like a toad. 
Previously we had collected lots of beautiful autumn leaves and this week we used them to make hedgehog pictures. We all did some amazing colouring, cutting and sticking and the final pictures were fantastic!
Well done 10G, what a super week we have had!


Posted by Ms S Bretherton

Category: 10G

Tags: 10G Class Art & Design English KS4 2021-22