A Bug's Life Part 2

13 Jun 2019

Category: 8G

Today 8G made their own bugs from Playdoh. As a class we learnt and recapped on the three body parts of an insect (head, thorax and abdomen) and the number of legs they have. After making our bugs we labelled them,  before  naming  and writing a simple description about the insect.

Good Work…


8G Class, Art & Design, Science, 2018-19

10R Project Bee

12 Jun 2019

Category: 10R

Katie from Community Network Rail was inspired by 10R and their interest in the ‘Manchester Bee’ to make a bid in order to fund, develop and deliver a city-wide Manchester project and create an illustrative walking map where one can spot bees along the way.   

The project has been given the…


Art & Design, ASDAN, 2018-19, Community Links

8G Bug Symmetry

6 Jun 2019

Category: 8G

8G have been continuing to learn about bugs. We found out that insects  are symmetrical "The same on both sides." We had a go at making our own symmetrical bugs using paint. We enjoyed doing the activity and we are looking forward to having our work displayed. 


Art & Design, Mathematics, Science, 2018-19

A Bug's Life Part 1

4 Jun 2019

Category: 8G

This half term 8G 's new Cross Curricular Studies title is "A Bug's Life." On Monday we discussed different types of bugs and learnt that for a bug to be an insect they had to have six legs and three body parts. We also made our own bugs  from playdoh and made our own symmetrical butterflies in…


Art & Design, Science, 2018-19

8G and The Awesome Egyptians

24 May 2019

Category: 8G

8G have really enjoyed leaning about "The Awesome Egyptians" this half term. After our visit to Bolton Museum we went on to make our own canopic jars and Egyptian tombs. We recapped on the purpose of the jars and considered which organs went in each jar. When making our tombs we firstly had to…


8G Class, Art & Design, 2018-19

10R LGBT 2019

1 Mar 2019

Category: 10R

To mark LGBT History Month 10R have taken part in lots of interesting activities.

We listened to Will Young, the singer reading a children’s story ‘Two Dads’ by Carolyn Robertson.  It’s a tale of a boy who has been adopted and finds himself happily raised by two fathers.…


10R Class, Art & Design, English, PSHCE, 2018-19, Equality

Artists at Work

13 Feb 2019

Category: 11R

This half-term in our Art and English lessons 11R have been studying the life and works of the 3 Spanish painters Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí and learning what ‘abstract art’and ‘Surrealism’ are addition to ‘Automatic Drawing’ ‘Cubism’ and ‘Magic Realism’.

Pupils have very much…


11R Class, Art & Design, English, 2018-19