13 May 2022

This week 11R have continued with their Environmental Awareness work in ASDAN. We took on the project of creating a bug hotel. To begin with we did some research and made a list of materials that would be needed to be gathered from around the school grounds. We had already got some pallets and house bricks to reuse, but needed lots of other things like dry leaves, moss, plant pots, garden canes to name a few. When we had everything building began.We started with laying part of the pallet on a level surface and then carefully layering in the other materials. The process was then repeated to create another ‘floor’. Everyone worked extremely hard and we are now ready to check in the first guests! 
There has been lots of other activity in 11R as well. Class have taken part in ‘bike-ability’ where their skills  have been assessed ready for the next stage of the process where they will be given training by a specialist from The Sports Partnership.

Our Community action work has also continued at the walled garden at Worden Park. A Box hedge was planted and beds were weeded and cleared ready to plant some vegetables. We planted beetroot and Lollo Rosso lettuce and look forward to see how much they have grown next time we visit.

We have also made a pitta pizzas this week. Class were surprised at just how easy to make and how delicious they were and some said they would have a go themselves at home. It certainly has been a very busy week. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

11R Bug hotel


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