21 Jun

Prom in 11R! 2024

Yesterday our year 11s had their prom! It's been a very busy past few weeks getting everything finalised and ready and we're all so glad that the day ran smoothly and everyone had a great time.

We welcomed our learners to school in the afternoon where they were all dressed up and ready for the…

14 Jun

11R Summer 2 Week 3!

Summer 2 in 11R has been another busy week! We started off the week with Miss Anderton and on Monday we had a maths lesson on time in the morning and the afternoon we had a lesson on energy. We made our own paper plane launchers to test out wind power and once we made them we took them out onto…

7 Jun

Summer 2 Week 1 in 11R - Our Last Half-Term

On Monday we were right back into lessons, starting off the day with a functional maths lesson on money. We used coins and notes and practiced identifying coins and how much each coin was worth. We looked at how many pennies were in a pound and how to add money up.

In the afternoon we had our…

24 May

Science, Swimming and Selfies, Oh My!

11R have had a busy last week leading up to our half-term break!

On Monday we had our usual maths lesson and in the afternoon we had a science lesson. We were learning abouts forces with Miss Anderton and today we were talking about wind power. We built our own windmills and coloured them in,…

10 May

It's Bloomin' Marvellous in 11R!

This week we all had fun at Chorley in Bloom! We went to a different site than we usually do, and went to the community garden next to Chorley B&Q. We learnt that this is used by members of the community if they can't always afford vegetables and that a lot of people who may not have their own…

26 Apr

The Last Term in 11R!

11R have had a very busy start to their last term at Astley Park!

Last week we carried on with our ASDAN unit on Environmental Awareness, where we have been looking after the beds at the front of school and collecting the recycling from the other classes and throwing in our large bins ready for…

19 Apr

KS4 Visit Chorley Hospital

This week KS4 started their work experience at Chorley Hospital. Year 11 and year 10 students headed off to the Life Centre where we met Karen, who would be showing us round and leading the sessions while we are there. We started off by going through what each week would look like before Karen…

15 Mar

Careers Drama Workshop

Today KS4 and KS3 had a very special visitor; Kerry from Lowther Theatre came in to run a short workshop with a few of the KS4 and KS3 classes. We talked about all of the different jobs that are involved in the theatre, from actors and dancers to the lighting and sound production to the people who…

9 Feb

A Busy Two Weeks in 11R!

11R have had a busy couple of weeks this term! 

In science we have been learning about plants and their parts and we got the chance to dissect some lilies and take them apart to look at all the parts up close and in person. We’ve also been looking at seed dispersal and all the different ways…

26 Jan

11R Explore Hinduism - World Religion Week

Over the last couple of weeks, 11R have explored Hinduism for our World Religion learning. We have spent time looking at Hindu celebrations and learnt all about how Hindu’s celebrate Diwali. We learn about how Hindu's celebrate Diwali by creating intricate and colourful patterns called 'rangoli',…

17 Nov

11R Go to Bendrigg!

11R have just got back from their Duke of Edinburgh residential at Bendrigg Lodge in the Lake District! We left Wednesday morning and have just arrived back at Friday lunchtime.

On Wednesday everyone was really excited to get going, but we were a little nervous as well. We got all of our…

8 Nov

The Halloween Disco!

Last night we had our Halloween disco! 11R and 11G have been busy getting ready for the past couple of weeks, choosing jobs and selling tickets. In the afternoon, 11R were busy finishing off some decorations for the hall, where we then joined 11G in decorating to make it nice and spooky for after…