Year 7 Premium Plan  2017-18

                Number of Pupils & Year 7 Premium received        

Total number of pupils on roll

Total number of pupils eligible for Yr 7 Catch up funding

Amount of Year 7 Catch up funding received per pupil

Total amount of Year 7 Catch up funding received






Planned use of Y7 Premium 2017-18




Impact / Outcome

To improve pupils number skills


  • For Numicon interventions to be embedded across Y7.
  • Numicon assessments to be completed as part of the planning cycle throughout the year.
  • Numicon data to be analysed and reported on.
  • Numicon homework resources to be purchased and tailored to the individual.
  • Parents and carers to attend an overview of supporting their children to use Numicon. 
  • All pupils to be baselined using the Sandwell screening tool and reassessed at the end of the academic year.


To improve pupils social communication skills through Lego therapy intervention.


  • For all pupils to be baselined and reviewed at the end of the academic year using the Lego Therapy assessment.
  • Outcomes to be identified and included on Education Plans.
  • Pupils will engage in Lego therapy weekly.
  • Pupils will be aware of individual outcomes and will assess learning towards these goals.


Increase pupil readiness to learn - through Sensory regulation (ALERT Programme)



  • To seek external advise on how to get the children ready to learn within class.
  • To have the Shine Therapy lead sessions within the year 7 cohort to help place strategies within classes that will help the pupil’s to attend for longer in the areas of English and Maths.




Year 7 Premium