Year 7 Premium Plan  2018-19

                Number of Pupils & Year 7 Premium received        

Total number of pupils on roll

Total number of pupils eligible for Yr 7 Catch up funding

Amount of Year 7 Catch up funding received per pupil

Total amount of Year 7 Catch up funding received






Planned use of Y7 Premium 2018-19

Intended Pupil Impact                                                   

Item/  Project



Impact / Outcome

To progress in Number by achieving the minimum of 14 point increase P7 and above and between for 4-7 point increase from P6-P7 as measured by the Numicon Assessment

Numicon Homework Packs


KLI Time for Training


KLI Time for meeting with parents

 £715     + vat

  • Numicon data to be analysed and reported on
  • Numicon homework resources to be purchased and tailored to the individual
  • Parents and Carers to attend an overview of supporting their children to use Numicon
  • All pupils to be baselined using the Sandwell screening tool to identify strength and areas needed for development


All pupils will engage in structured continuous learning provision to embed Maths and English skills.

Progression will be measured by Numicon and BSquared data.

Maths and English Resources to enhance learning through a continuous provision approach


  • Identify resources needed for each class
  • Purchase resources
  • Support staff to deliver continuous provision approach
  • Collect and Evaluate BSquared and Numicon Data



To improve pupils Social Communication skills through Lego Therapy Intervention.  All pupils to make at least good progress as measured by the Lego Therapy assessment

Refresher training for identified staff

No cost

  • For all pupils to be baselined and reviewed at the end of the academic year using the Lego Therapy assessment.
  • Outcomes to be identified and included on Education Plans
  • Pupils will engage in Lego Therapy weekly
  • Pupils will be aware of individual outcomes and will assess learning towards these goals


To extend reading and comprehension skills (This will be made smarter once the scheme has been identified and trialled) Online scheme needs to be identified (costings will be determined once the scheme has been identified)  
  • Find appropriate online engaging scheme
  • Trial appropriate scheme
  • Baseline pupils using the built in assessment
  • Invite Parents and Carers in to share the scheme and share home access
Increase pupil readiness to learn - through Sensory regulation / ALERT Programme as measured by Astley Park Mile Markers

Purchase sensory equipment for both classes

Specialist Advice from OT




  • To seek external advice on how to get the children ready to learn within class
  • To have the Shine Therapy lead sessions within the Year 7 cohort to help place strategies within classes that will help the pupils to attend for longer in the areas of English and Maths
  • For all pupils to be baselined and reviewed at the end of the academic year using the Mile Markers assessment



Year 7 Premium