12 Feb 2020

Our last day at Calvert involved cycling and a walk. First we travelled to a cycle track. We got our bikes and helmets and cycled around a fantastic old airfield. We had a couple of races round the track with Jacob winning the first race and Jake winning the second! It was so much fun and we definitely worked up an appetite for lunch! 

In the afternoon we were taken on a scavenger hunt in the woods. We had to find items on a list in pairs. There weren’t many feathers around so the task was a bit tricky! When we had all found all our items, we looked at each other’s collections and talked about how different our items looked even though we all had the same list. We used what we had found and other natural materials to create a skeleton before stopping for a drink in the forest. We walked back to Calvert and packed our bags and got ready for the disco.

We all enjoyed getting on the dance floor and playing games with friends at the disco to celebrate a fantastic week! Well done everybody!

Dodd Group (Mrs Crouch) Day 3 Calvert 2020


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