19 Jul

Summer Six Star Challenge

Hi Everyone 

We have loved seeing you all joining in so well with our challenges and earning your stars and certificates. You have until September to complete this challenge. We hope you have lots of fun. Please add photos to evidence for learning and tag parent tag- Six Star Challenge.…

13 Jul

Six Star Challenge week 5 photos and awards


A huge well done to everyone for completing last weeks challenge. We have some budding photographers in the making. The emails you have sent are brilliant and to see so many of you keeping healthy by drinking more water and taking on the squats for 1 minute is amazing. Your counting skills…

13 Jul

Six Star Challenge - Week 6


Well done to everyone taking part. 
Remember complete all 6 stars for a gold award, 5 stars for a silver award and any star for a bronze award. Please send your photos to class teachers or put them in our evidence for learning app with six star challenge tag. 
Keep up the good work! 

6 Jul

Six Star Challenge - How to squat

Mr Murphy has made a video to help show you how to squat for a star on our challenge this week. 
Six Star Challenge Team


6 Jul

7R are working hard!

Hi everyone, 

It’s great that you are all continuing to work hard at home. Last week we finished reading Mary Anning and the Time Twister on Purple Mash. I hope you all enjoyed the story. The work you have done answering questions on each chapter is fantastic. It would be great if you could…

6 Jul

Six Star challenge week 5 photo's


What a fantastic week. We have loved watching lots of videos of you singing and signing. Also lots of creativity in your pebbles and natural pictures. I'm sure your parents and carers appreciated you helping them with the washing up. There has been lots of amazing counting of cyclists and…

6 Jul

Six star challenge week 6


A huge well done to everyone achieving certificates so far. Keep it up! Remember 6 stars for gold, 5 stars for silver and have a try at any for a bronze award.

We love seeing all your photo's and videos so keep sending them to your teachers.

Here is this weeks challenge. Good Luck…

29 Jun

7R enjoy sports week 2020

7R enjoyed sports week last week. We accessed online learning activities related to sport, took part in a Joe Wicks workout challenge as a class on our video call, and some of us got involved with the six star challenge. In school, Thomas and Kristen walked a mile, enjoyed Just Dance and took part…

29 Jun

Six Star Challenge - week 5

Hi Everyone,

We hope you enjoyed our sporty six star challenge last week. So many children took part it was fantastic.

If you achieve all 6 stars you will get a gold award, if you achieve 5 stars you will get a silver award and if you have a try at any you will get a bronze award and all…

22 Jun

Six Star Challenge week 3 photo's

Hi everybody, we are so proud of how well you are doing in these challenges. Thank you for joining in and we love seeing your photos and videos each week! You look like you are enjoying them. 

This week pupils had some really tough challenges including tidying their bedrooms! I think your…

15 Jun

Six Star Challenge Awards Week 2

We have loved looking at the many photographs of our pupils having such fun completing last weeks challenges.

Week 2's Six Star Challenge Champions were:

Gold award - completing an AMAZING 6 stars:

Scarlett - Chesnut

Harvey- Maple

Thomas - 7R

Daisy - 8G

Thomas - 8R

Jessie -…

12 Jun

What have 7R been up to this week?

Hi everybody, 

9 out of 11 of you managed to join our first class video call this afternoon which was FANTASTIC! It was lovely to see you all and hear about what you have enjoyed during lockdown. We have missed you so much. Lots of you have enjoyed baking and going out for walks, and some of…