14 Mar 2020

Happy Holi Day everybody.

Earlier this week 10R researched and celebrated Holi day.

First of all the class were emailed a task to find out just what Holi day is and why it is celebrated. They then had to decide on activities linked to the celebration before emailing Mr Buckley back with their findings.

The class found out that Holi day is a Hindu festival that signifies the start of spring and the end of winter. It is a festival of colour and we discovered that it is tradition to throw coloured powder at each other. However Mr Buckley thought it was safer to get the colours down on paper and so we created our masterpiece. We also learnt that as part of the celebrations fires are lit and various food items are thrown onto it.

As you will see we produced some fantastic art work while learning and celebrating together.

Superb work 10R.

Holi Day 10R

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