16 Sep 2020

We have come to the end of another busy week in Rowan class. This week we have enjoyed getting messy in our science experiments. The first experiment involved squirting shaving foam onto water and seeing what happened when we dropped some food colouring onto the shaving foam. We were all very excited when the food colouring started to change the colour of the water. For the next science experiment we put some skittles onto our plates are poured warm water onto the plate to watch the water turn into a colurful rainbow.

One of our topics this term is "All about me", so this week for Attention Autism we learnt about each others homes and who lives with us. It was really fun to build our own houses by cutting and sticking different shapes and characters. 

Miss Albrighton, Miss Connolly and Miss Aindow are really impressed that you've all has another great week in Rowan class.

Week 2 in Rowan Class

Posted by Miss C Albrighton

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