17 Oct 2020

11G have enjoyed another busy week in class, full of fun learning activities. 

To fall in with our Halloween theme we have been watching the first two Harry Potter films and then discussing and describing the different characters and settings whilst learning to use  lots of fantastic adjectives. 

Again, within the theme of Halloween Ms Lea dressed up as Wilmer the witch and read the rhyming story  ‘Wilmer witches ugly potion’. This was a brilliant sensory story and all the pupils enjoyed touching the objects that went into a cauldron to make a spell...the black ear wax (play dough) and bogeys ( mushy peas ) were particularly popular whilst the witches sweaty sock was very yucky indeed. 

Some of the pupils have been starting to learn all about skills and qualities in preparation for work and they have worked really hard on this subject...learning lots of new things. 
Some of the other pupils have also been working really hard during our maths lessons, matching patterns and learning how to sequence. 

A fun time was had outside when we got the bikes out for a ride around the cycle track...it was great for the pupils to get so much exercise and they all had a brilliant time once we had had a chat about safety and why helmets are so important. 

Another great week for 11G.   Ms Lea.  

11G Classroom fun 17/10/20

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