16 Oct 2020

9G have had another great week!

We have continued with our ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’ story. We practiced writing autumn words, developed our fine motor skills in the tuff tray by picking up conkers, acorns and pinecone with tweezers through the sticky masking tape, and continued to develop our communication skills in the farmers market role play. In the afternoon we had a go at some leaf printing using sponges and the autumnal colours; yellow, red, brown, and green.

On Tuesday morning with Mr Murphy we made our very own smoothies! Everyone tried some and were very good at adding in the ingredients. We also had a go at making playdough too! In the afternoon, some of us completed some reading assessments with Miss Hendy and Mrs England! We are doing very well at these, showing how much we have improved!

On Wednesday, Jake helped Miss Hendy do our sensory story again! We then went into our groups where we sequenced the story, practiced our fine motor skills by putting pegs on the hedgehog and sold some lovely food in the farmers shop! In the afternoon, Miss Hendy did an attention autism where she made an autumn lemonade fountain, and then we rolled some autumn items down the tube! We had a little class competition to see whose apple could roll the furthest down the tube! We had lots of fun doing this shouting ‘ready, steady, go!’

On Thursday, we worked on our number skills. Some of us were able to show Miss McPartlin that they could count the number of items on the card and then put a peg on the correct number. Another group were playing a pairs game where you had to make sure you had matching socks by looking closely at the pattern! We were also using our fine motor skills to continue making numbers on the peg boards. In the afternoon we had a whole class circle time. We started by having to cross the circle like Miss Hendy said, some of us were ballerinas, wolves, cars, and frogs. We then played pass the Calvert teddy as fast as you can in 30 seconds. We really enjoyed this and the final two were Rose and Charlie. Charlie ended up being the winner!

On Friday, we did some baking in the morning. We made mini leaf biscuits. We all took it in turns to have a go at mixing in the ingredients, and then cutting out the dough with the leaf cutters. In the afternoon, we then decorated with different colouring icing and sprinkles. We also had golden time in the afternoon where we got a chance to go on the class iPads.

We are looking forward to our last week before half term … it’s going to be spoooookyyyyy!

Miss Hendy, Mrs England and Miss McPartlin.

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