17 Apr 2021

11G have had a great first week back after the Easter break and we hope you all enjoyed the rest just like we all did. 
It’s been brilliant getting back into the swing of things in class and meeting up with all of our friends again.

We have done lots of work and different types of activities during the week...in maths we have been concentrating on using positional words and also on learning how to use money...both groups have worked tremendously hard on these subjects with some fantastic results. 

We have been looking at the four seasons and discussing what we can expect during each particular season, for instance we can expect to see icy weather in the winter and sunshine in the summer whilst in the Autumn we can see lots of crunchy coloured leaves and in the Spring we may see new born baby lambs. This was a really interesting topic and we also enjoyed lots of cutting and sticking pictures onto the various seasons. 

Part of our work in class this week has been talking about communities and more precisely who is part of our own school community and what role each of us play. 
We have discovered that there are lots of different roles within the school such as teachers, teaching assistants, Governors, cleaners and of course the pupils to name just a few...and each one of us is an important part of the community. 

Our gardening skills are still developing very well with the flowers and edibles inside the poly tunnel being watered by us every other day and we have also planted some runner bean bulbs inside plastic wallets which have been stuck up on the classroom wall. We keep the compost inside the wallets damp and we are hoping the bulbs will soon begin to germinate and grow...very exciting. 

The other exciting and fascinating thing we are doing in class is looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. In order to do this we have bought some teeny tiny caterpillars and they are currently spending the weekend with Ms Lea inside their own special jar. Once the caterpillars get bigger they will go inside a chrysalis and eventually turn into beautiful butterflies that we will set free on the school field. 
Check out the photos of the caterpillars, they are so tiny we used a magnifying glass to see them properly although I can say that even since last night they are getting bigger and wriggling around. 
We will put photos on the blog of each stage so keep your eye out for them. 

Well done to both Jessie and Leah for earning star of the week...Jessie, you did some fab work on positional and directional words and Leah you did brill work on adding up prices within maths. Well done to you both. 

11G here again 17/4/21




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