16 Apr 2021

Wow! What a fantastic start to our new half term in 7A! Our new topic is Happy Campers and we are really excited for all the outdoor learning opportunities to come. If you haven’t yet sent your child in with a change of clothes and shoes, please could you send these in on Monday. 

In My Thinking and Problem Solving this week we have been working on our functional maths skills, focusing on time. Some learners have been sequencing events while others have been reading the time on the clock. Some learners have also continued with number interventions. 

In My Communication this week we have been working on our functional reading skills, learning about high frequency words and contractions. We have read camping stories and some learners even explored a sensory story called “Pete the Cat Goes Camping”. Everybody has done brilliant listening and applied their learning about high frequency words or contractions to take part in reading games. 

In My Creativity, we learnt all about the artist Piet Mondrian. We had a go creating some fantastic abstract art of our own. It was very relaxing!

In The World About Me, we are learning about light and dark with Mrs Fisher. This week we have learnt that we can’t see in the dark due to the absence of light. 

In our My Community lesson this week we learnt about Ramadan and we have been engaging in Ramadan Kindness challenges. We will continue to take part in daily kindness challenges in the lead up to Eid. 

Our Me and My Body focuses this term are healthy living and outdoor adventurous activities. We tried lots of different fruits and vegetables this week which we loved and talked about why we need to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle. For our outdoor adventurous activities work this week we have practiced our teamwork skills. We had so much fun in the sun and learnt about the importance of communication and listening when we are working as a team. 

Remember your homework activities for Monday and we look forward to lots of Happy Camper fun next week! 

A super, sunny start to summer term in 7A


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