30 Apr 2021

Another busy week for the staff and pupils of 11G, we have done lots of learning using our interactive whiteboard and we have shown that all of our learning can be fun by using the whiteboard to play sequencing games to help us to sequence the days of the week and the months of the year. 
We have also spent more time looking at who we can safely ask for help within our local community and we learnt how to identify when we need to do so. 

We have once again been using real money during our snack time to buy our snack items such as toast, crumpets and cups of tea or juice. 
We have been working hard on counting the money out and giving out the correct change. 

Outside work and games have featured a lot this week with us entering a sunflower growing competition as well as planting our seedling runner beans which have germinated in class...some of them already are growing really well. We have tended to the plants within the polytunnel, watering them every couple of days and pulling up any weeds that we have seen. 

Yesterday we spent some time out on the school field playing tag rugby, this was a very energetic fun game and gave us all lots of exercise. 
Today we took some balls out onto the field and set up an impromptu game of rounders which again was really good fun, a great way to learn about team work and exercise and it was great to get outside into the fresh air. 

Our class caterpillars are getting really big and we are sure they will be ready to turn into catalysts within the next few days, then from there they will eventually develop into beautiful butterflies.

Today has been Wear red day to stop racism and celebrate diversity...we all wore something red and we joined in with some fun activities  which helped us to understand how we are all different. 
We watched a really good video as well which explained the subject in ways that we really could understand and we used play doh to create different types of faces. 

This afternoon Nathan, as our class Digital leader, joined in with a Teams meeting to learn about the Whisper app that we use in school. Nathan asked some very interesting questions and next week he will share all of the information  with us and we can have a practise at using Whisper together. 
well done Nathan. 

This week our Star of the Week is Joshua....for independently reading and sequencing the months of the year whilst taking part in our Interactive whiteboard game.  

That’s it for now from 11G. Have a brilliant long weekend and take care. Ms Lea.  X

11G learning together 30/4/21






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