Our Prayer Tree

7 May 2019

Category: Maple

In RE this half term we are learning about important words. Today we have been thinking about the important words used in prayers. We watched videos of Christians and Muslims praying and talked about the similarities and differences and then we worked together to make a prayer tree. We all chose…


Maple Class, RE, 2018-19, Equality

7G Visit Chinese Buffet

5 Apr 2019

Category: 7G

On Wednesday, 7G visited The Chinese Buffet in Wigan to sample different Chinese foods as part of our "Come Fly With Me" theme.

We had a brilliant time and got to try lots of new foods that we haven't eaten before such as noodles, samosas, spring rolls and egg fu yung. 

7G practiced using…


7G Class, Geography, 2018-19, Equality

Lancashire Disability Swimming Gala - A day to be proud of!

2 Apr 2019

Category: Equality

What an event! 


27 pupils took part in the annual Lancashire Disability School Swimming Gala today and we brought home a good wealth of medals!


Astley Park won 1x Gold

                          4x Silver

                           8x Bronze


All pupils were a credit to…


7R Class, 7G Class, 8R Class, 8G Class, 9R Class, 9G Class, 10R Class, 11R Class, 11G Class, 2018-19, Equality

Lancashire Equality Mark

25 Mar 2019

Category: Equality

We are delighted to announce that Astley Park School have achieved the Lancashire Equality Mark, an acknowledgment of our commitment to equality for all. We have been working towards achieving the Lancashire Equality Mark since 2015 when we received our Race Equality Badge. In 2016 we achieved the…


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11R Zak Visits The Houses of Parliament

22 Mar 2019

Category: 11R

On Tuesday 5th March Zak was invited to London to a Parliamentary reception with MYPLACE and Our Bright Futures. It was about raising awareness about  environmental issues and the impact it is having on young, vulnerable people.

Zak said "I enjoyed meeting other people from different parts of…


11R Class, 2018-19, Equality

7R attention autism, 5 pillars of Islam

12 Mar 2019

Category: 7R

Today 7R did our first attention autism session. We learned about the faith of Islam. First we did a "what's in the box" activity. This is for gaining and keeping the children's attention. They got sprayed with water and listened to thunder sounds. Next we watched Miss Holden shake flour and…


7R Class, RE, Equality