11R Zak Visits The Houses of Parliament

22 Mar 2019

Category: 11R

On Tuesday 5th March Zak was invited to London to a Parliamentary reception with MYPLACE and Our Bright Futures. It was about raising awareness about  environmental issues and the impact it is having on young, vulnerable people.

Zak said "I enjoyed meeting other people from different parts of…


11R Class, 2018-19, Equality

7R attention autism, 5 pillars of Islam

12 Mar 2019

Category: 7R

Today 7R did our first attention autism session. We learned about the faith of Islam. First we did a "what's in the box" activity. This is for gaining and keeping the children's attention. They got sprayed with water and listened to thunder sounds. Next we watched Miss Holden shake flour and…


7R Class, RE, Equality

Maple Class World Book Day 2019

7 Mar 2019

Category: Maple

Maple Class had a brilliant world book day. We explored different books through Attention Autism. We learnt about the story of Peter Rabbit through an Attention Autism with Miss Curry and then we learnt all about the story Little Red Riding Hood through an Attention Autism with Miss Connolly in…


Maple Class, English, 2018-19, Equality

Willow Rainbow Day!

4 Mar 2019

Category: Willow

Willow Class had a great time celebrating Rainbow day! 

On the lead up to it we read the story Worm Loves Worm, which taught us that we can love who we want, wear what we want, and be who we want! We then made pictures of the people we love in our family. 

On friday we talked about the…


Willow Class, 2018-19, Equality

7G Can Sing A Rainbow Too

2 Mar 2019

Category: 7G

7G had a lovely time celebrating Rainbow Day yesterday.

Our class colour was yellow and everyone made a fabulous effort to wear something yellow. 

We did lots of rainbow themed activities. 

Mrs Fisher did a rainbow themed Attention Autism session at the front of class where she sang the…


7G Class, 2018-19, Equality

How was your Rainbow Day?

1 Mar 2019

Category: Oak

To celebrate LGBT History month and to learn more about why we celebrated ‘Rainbow Day’ today, yesterday Oak Class watched Miss Cross make different pictures, decorated with different colours and patterns chosen by Oak Class. 


We looked at how the different colours look much nicer together…


Oak Class, 2018-19, Equality