8 Oct 2021

On Thursday Maple Class celebrated Black History Month. 
In the morning Miss Howarth did an attention autism, Stage one was bucket, Miss Howarth removed different instruments out of the bucket which she shaked, banged and tapped. 
Stage 2 consisted of making an African flag by squirting red, green and black paint onto a piece of paper and then splatting the paper together to make the flag. 
We then did stage 3, Miss Howarth took out a tray with the patterns of different wild animals and put a drum on top. She then got some rice and poured it over the top of the drum to make noises. Some of us had our own turn too. 

Next we all went off into our groups. Miss Woods’ group were outside with lots of different instruments. We all used our ‘I want strip’ to choose which instrument we wanted to play. Some of us were able to choose the symbol and say whether we were blowing, banging or shaking the instrument we had chosen. 
Mrs Worthington’s group were making different skin coloured hand prints, we chose a skin colour drew around our hands and had a good try at cutting.
Mrs Duxbury’s group were using different wild animals and making footprints with paint and colours of the African flag. 

In the afternoon we all listened and sang to the song the jazz man. 
Miss Howarth then let us all choose an instrument to play, we sang, danced and played instruments and had lots of fun! 

Our star of the week this week is Luke for always making everyone feel welcome in Maple Class, using lovely manners and kind words! 

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