22 Mar 2023

Today our Year 10 classes had the opportunity to visit Runshaw College! We were welcomed by Angela and Karen and a group of foundation students, and we started our session with a lovely afternoon tea, with soup, sandwiches and cakes that had been prepared by the students at Runshaw. After enjoying the food, we were given an arts and crafts challenge of making some Easter baskets, where we had to decorate some flat paper bags with lots of stickers and sparkles and then folded them up into a bag ready for our mini eggs!

It was a lovely afternoon and we want to give a massive thank you on behalf of all of our learners to the staff and students at Runshaw who made us all feel very welcome!

10R class team and 10G class team.

Year 10 visit Runshaw

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Emma (Harry's mum)
24 March 2023

Harry really enjoyed it especially sitting at the front of the bus!

26 July 2023

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