This week 9P have been busy bee’s.

We have been working extremely hard on our conversation and writing skills, using our chatter mats, soundswrite and playing Guess Who!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we split into our groups and went to Asda, we took turns in getting items off the shopping list, pushing the trolley, scanning and paying for our shopping. Everyone did a fantastic job. After shopping we went to the café and got a snack and a drink and chatted with our friends before heading back to school.

Thursday was PE with Mr Murphy. This term it is gymnastics, we practiced different jumps, rolls and balancing. Phewwww,it was hard and very warm but 9P all tried extremely hard and were very tired afterwards.

Friday was Miss Pilkingtons last day with us as she is going back on stage in London among other places to perform in Six and also doing Panto at Christmas! 9P would like to say a massive thank you for all your help and wish her every success. Break a leg Miss Pilkington.